Friday, January 05, 2018

Allen returning and other links

I never thought he was a real threat to leave, but Zach Allen announced he will return for his final year. His goal is to become a first round pick.

As for Darius Wade, if you base it off of who he started following on Twitter, he is talking to lots of teams. The obvious target is his home town Delaware, but he is following plenty of Illinois coaches, plus FAU, plus Kansas and Texas A&M, and many more.

Hockey lost their opener in the Las Vegas Tournament.

Women's Basketball upset UNC, to earn their first ACC win of the year.


JBQ said...

The article states that Allen will graduate with a degree in Finance in December with a 3.6 GPA. I believe that this number is more impressive than his defensive stats. Actually, that is what BC is really all about.---It also would be nice to know the status of AB. I do not understand the "cloak and dagger".

John said...

Great news about Zach.

Watching the Pinstripe Bowl game again, since I was in Hawaii at the time.

Nothing we don't know, but a very winnable game. I don't expect anyone to read this - I just need to do it.

BC was slipping more than Iowa. Why?

Flag on Merritt for unsportsmanship conduct was complete BS and Iowa was able to capitalize for 7. They probably would have made 3.

On Dillon's 66 yard run, he was brought down by a horse collar tackle - no flag. could have gotten 7 there instead of 3.He was also slipping during the run.

Missed FG attempt at end of the first half was very curious. Addazio should have called his last time out.

Could have gotten 3.

Potential 10 points there and we got 3.

Bletzer getting hurt was tough also. Attrition at LB really hurt us, and we were inexperienced while trying hard.

Iowa was lucky that it wasn't 24 to 6 at halftime.

Don't know if I can stand watching the Turtle Up second half.

The sneakers we're not the answer.

I'm disappointed that we lost the equipment angle, when it was obvious the field would be icy/slippery.Iowa fared better with the field condition.

I really felt bad for all the players, but especially AJ.

We were out coached in the second half on the offensive game plan when adjustments were indicated and Iowa made some plays. Hats off to them.

Dillon up the middle at the end was not the right call. The interception was tough.

Still, next season "could" be our best in many years if we can get AB back for continuity.

As JBQ asks - what is the status on his injury and recovery?

Joseph said...

nothing about BCBK beating Wake. This is not a bad team this year and NC will tell a lot. Beat Duke and came so close against VA

working rich said...

Still no news about brown
Why ?

John said...

I watched much of the WF game and was happy with our effort. We can still improve a lot, but these guys don't quit and play hard.

Nice win. Keep it going, guys.

This young Freshman Mitchell is making a difference. Others are steadily improving.

Go BC BBall.

JBQ said...

Let's tribune the fine game by Mattie R against the "Lambs" from St. Louis who are once again the Rams. One comment after another raved about the rookie John Johnson. Whenever there was a weak area, Johnson was moved in to stabilize against the Falcons' run. Congratulations to both representatives of the BC tradition.