Saturday, January 06, 2018

Basketball bounces back against Wake

If BC is really a bubble team, then they needed to prove it Saturday in a game against a depleted Wake Forest team. And they did!

Robinson had another big day with 25 points, including 10-10 from the foul line. Chatman also started scoring again after going 0fer this week and coming out cold. Check out Bowman's highlight dunk below.

The bad news is that the team started flat again. They also made plenty of mental mistakes in the first half.

They are back at it again Tuesday against North Carolina.


Edward Griffith said...

Great call by Meta and Danya. The encouraging thing was once up BC was never headed and
good foul shooting negated a flurry of Wake 3s.
Christian should immediately add Danya to staff for his bb knowledge ,working with
big men (THEY NEED IT) and RECRUITING. When we were having problems getting ball in
bounds near end Danya knew immediately what to do.
Nice WIN. Now lets get 5 or 6 more in ACC and make "THE ECHOS RING AGAIN FOR BOSTON"

Knucklehead said...

Boston College is depleted as well.

Eagle Esquire said...

Big win considering the next two ACC games will be very difficult.

Deacon Drake said...

The Wake win is fodder... that's the type of game that can only hurt an NCAA contender (win- so what, sub-50 @ home; lose- WTF!!). Fortunately, lots of WTF going on here.

Christian needs to remember to pick and choose his spots in a loaded ACC. We spent a lot of energy coming from 19 down against Clemson, and that is the type of environment we should do that, being at home against another bubble-type team (Clemson typically fades down the stretch). If we get down 20 at UNC, may be a good opportunity to rest, try new stuff, and focus efforts against FSU, and other bubble teams Lou, VY, Cuse.

And why do we have Dartmouth in there? I know the Ivy league season hasn't started, but that's a booby trap game.