Monday, July 23, 2012

ACC Media roundup and other links

The ACC Media voted BC 5th overall in the Atlantic Division. That's not particularly surprising since the majority of the reporters are from Carolina and still view us as a secondary program. Although I teased him on twitter, even Meter avoided his usual "BC: 1st" vote.

The recurring question for Spaz was regarding Kuechly. He handles it well and points to Ramsey as the type of player who can fill the void. Not too many asked Spaz about the "Hot Seat." (I didn't embed that video due to the auto play issues.)

It will be interesting to see if BC benefits from the looming exodus at Penn State. We are positioned well since we have scholarship space and recruited many of their kids. But I wonder if Spaz will have any hesitation in taking advantage of his alma mater.

Virginia Athlete Atem Ntantang committed to BC.

 The ACC Digital Network is running a countdown of great moments. Of course they included BC comeback against Virginia Tech. It doesn't have Chris Fowler yelling "Lane Stadium goes silent" but it does have Meter losing it.

BC is one of the schools to leverage the transfer up phenomenon in college football.



I'm Keith said...

Watching that highlight makes me pissed and excited at the same time, but more pissed ... because it reminds me of a time when BC football was good and mattered. We need relevancy again. Those two years with Jags (and TOB's final two years) were fantastic. Spaz was a great DC, but he's not a good HC. Let's get after Miami on September 1.

Big Jack Krack said...

Let's go BC - beat Miami.

We can do it!

I've got my plane tickets and downtown hotel reservations all set. Although I have parking, I'll just jump the green line. One doesn't need a car rental for a weekend in Boston.

Can't say that about many of our ACC rivals, eh?

See you in the North End for dinner. :-)

America said...

I think this is still the best recap. The ACC Network even ripped off some of the script.

eagle1331 said...

BJK - Parking... as in on-campus parking... as in a tailgating spot? I was thinking of driving up from NJ for the game, despite my belief that it will be met by disappointment with the on-field product and having to go back up there for a bachelor party the next weekend. Having a tailgating spot would certainly sway me. Want to trade? I think you have my email, or it is available in my profile...

Big Jack Krack said...

Hello eagle1331 - you are welcome to it, but I have Brighton Campus - no tailgating by decree, unfortunately. (you can get away with a "sneak" tailgate if you are discreet and careful.)

For the life of me, I do not understand why they coudn't allow and encourage what I call "picnic-style" tailgating. That is no cookouts, etc - but everything else.

Sandwiches, wine, beer, cheese, etc. What is the harm?

BC is the only school that discourages tailgating.

The neighbors cannot even see into my parking lot spot.

Peanut said...

That video really got some helium pumping into my tent if ya know what I mean and I think ya do.

eagleboston said...

How depressing that we have gone from 8-0 and a #2 ranking to 4-8 in 5 short years? But, I'm a sucker for BC football and I always have hope that this is the year. Historically, BC does not stay down for long. In the last 30 years, the Eagles have had 19 winning seasons and 11 losing seasons. We have been spoiled the past 15 years with just 3 losing seasons. In that 30-year span, the absolute worst stretch was 5 losing seasons from 1987-1991 (I remember that oh too well as I graduated in '89, full of hope the Flutie era would live on).

I'm also encouraged that we lost the 2nd most starts due to injuries last year. Better luck is almost guaranteed for this season. Couple that with the experience younger players received, and BC just may surprise folks this season. I'm hoping for 6 wins and would be thrilled with 7.

JBQ said...

Lot's of good players on the roster. Lots of unknowns from the coaching staff.