Sunday, March 20, 2016

Men's Hockey earns 2 seed and other links

Even with their loss in the Hockey East Semis, the Men's Hockey team earned a No. 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. They will play Harvard in Worcester.

The Saints have interest in Justin Simmons.

The BC Women's Hockey team lost the National Championship to Minnesota. It is hard to end such an incredible season with such a tough game.

Clemson swept baseball as the team fell to 2-4 in ACC play.


Napolean Bonaparte said...

We have a great women's hockey program but they seem to have a monkey on their back come tournament time. Look at the history. Not sure what it will take other than to boost up there OOC schedule as much as possible to get more big games under their belt. Still a fantastic season and another great job by their coach and players. Like I said before - the primary goal is to play well enough to be in a position to win championships.

Baseball just dropped three to Clemson. Hard to get too exuberant until we see what they do in the ACC as they get deeper in the schedule. They have the hitting ability but the pitching over the long haul is the issue.

Tim said...

Since 2011, BC women have won 3 Beanpots, 2 Hockey East tournaments, and 6 NCAA tournament games, so they are capable of winning high-stakes tournament games. I think the bigger issue is simply that three western schools absolutely own women's college hockey. Look at the list of all-time NCAA champions:
Minnesota: 6 titles
Minnesota-Duluth: 5 titles
Wisconsin: 4 titles
Clarkson: 1 title* *during Olympic year
That's it. So even the best eastern teams, including BC, still cannot compete with the western teams. And that was evident yesterday.

dixieagle said...

This year's BC women's team was phenomenal, and skated with Minnesota for most of that game. The fact remains that they rarely see talent of the level of Minnesota, Wisconsin, etc., and until they can play at least a few games a year against that calibre of opponent, getting over that final hump will be a challenge. That said, I have every confidence that Katie Crowley will bring home a National Championship before long.

(Some fool Harvard grad posted on Facebook that this was another "choke". I pointed out that 40-1-0 sure beats Harvard women's 17-12-3. Idiot.)

Napolean Bonaparte said...

We played M (Duluth)twice this year and won both games. Trust the fundamental problem is that the level of competition in the upper half of Hockey East for the women is not nearly as strong as in the WCHA. Not too much they can do about that.

CT said...

Unrelated but Jamie Dixon went to TCU. His alma mater. Was kinda hoping he'd be available in two yrs when, well, you know...